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Giordano Dichter

Giordano Dichter

EBN, Head of EU | BIC Services

Giordano Dichter, EBN

With 17 years of experience in private sector development, Giordano believes the next game-changing innovations are behind the corner, and that incubators are the natural place where these can be properly bred.

Giordano started working in the field of private sector development immediately after having graduated in Economics at the University of Siena, as a Local Economic Development Specialist for the United Nations Office for Project Services and for the International Labour Organization. During a 6-year period, Giordano has been responsible for the set-up and kick-off of various local economic development agencies in Albania, Serbia and South Africa, built through the implementation of local inclusive participatory mechanisms coupled with sound bespoke technical expertise.

When, in 2005, Giordano’s son was born, he decided to return to Rome, Italy, where he worked for over one year in the Italian investment attraction agency Sviluppo Italia. However, the call for supporting local entrepreneurship, being his real passion, could not be left unheard, therefore, He started a long-lasting collaboration with the Business and Innovation Center of the Lazio Region (BIC Lazio). In the BIC Giordano was responsible for the implementation and management of the pilot projects aimed at improving and better tailoring the entrepreneurship services that the BIC was providing to the regional entrepreneurial community. This experience as a BIC practitioner made it possible for Giordano to acquire a sound experience on direct entrepreneurship support, while working directly within an innovation-based incubator.

Since 2009, Giordano is leading the quality and technical assistance team in the European BIC Network. He is in charge of the management of the EC-BIC trademark, the only existing European standards of innovation-based incubation, making sure that the label is properly placed within the incubators that met the BIC Quality Mark Criteria. He has developed a very sophisticated incubator benchmarking and reporting service, based, among other things, on the extensive database EBN has been able to build in over 10 years. Giordano is responsible for the production of the quantitative and qualitative reports of the EBN BIC community, which he produces as a service for the EBN members and at the request of third organizations (such as the European Court of Auditors). Giordano is also responsible for the production of the EBN technical publications. Within the Technical Assistance field, Giordano has been responsible for the management of incubator set-up and enhancement actions in many countries, including Palestine, Ukraine, France, Portugal and Italy. He has also done many incubator-assessment missions under the EBN peer-review scheme (such as in Russia, Taiwan, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, UK, Syria, Palestine). He is responsible also for the development of the EBN technical training component.

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