Janeiro 2016

Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith Minerva Communications UK Limited

Maxine Adam

Maxine Adam University of Greenwich-Innovation Centre Medway Acknowledged for an extensive track record in designing and directing business support programmes

Catherine Docherty

Catherine Docherty Journey Associates, Managing Director Catherine is the founder and Managing Director of Journey Associates, a dynamic innovation and

Robert Sanders

Robert Sanders EBN, Head of International Projects Robert Sanders is a graduate from Leicester University and has spent over 15

Philippe Vanrie

Philippe Vanrie EBN, CEO Philippe Vanrie is since 1999 the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EBN, the leading pan-European Network

Laura Lecci

Laura Leccin EBN, Project Manager Laura joined EBN in May 2012, before as project management assistant, gaining experience in administrative

Kirstie Chadwick

Kirstie Chadwick International Business Innovation Association, President & CEO Kirstie Chadwick is the President & CEO of the International Business

John Mathers

John Mathers Design Council, Chief Executive My role at the Design Council is to lead it into its next chapter.